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[En continu] The self-tests arrive this Wednesday in pharmacies

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This Wednesday is the big day of automatic tests, which arrive in pharmacies.

The IMF has reviewed his forecasts for the global economy on the rise, to 6% this year and 4.4% in 2022.

Find our follow-up of the day on Tuesday.

■ Do-it-yourself tests are coming

As of Wednesday, self-tests are available in around 300 pharmacies throughout Switzerland, indicates the ATS agency. Each person in Switzerland is entitled to a maximum of five free tests per month.

To withdraw them, you must present your insurance card. This makes it possible to check whether the person has already received their quota and to prevent them from receiving more by going to several pharmacies. It is possible to come and collect these five tests without making an appointment.

The population is, however, called upon not to rush into these new tests from day one. “It will not be possible to serve everyone at the same time”, warned last week the president of PharmaSuisse, Martine Ruggli. Self-tests are only intended for people without symptoms and who have no contact with people in a risk group.

In a press release, Pharmasuisse pleaded for a “solidarity” of the population: “According to the manufacturers, the availability of the product is assured, but remains limited. The population is asked to adopt a united behavior and to withdraw self-tests only when necessary. ”

The umbrella company also indicates that depending on availability, tests will be offered in addition to five per month, this time paid.

■ In pictures: express vaccination in Bangkok

In Bangkok, authorities have isolated the district of Watthana, where many cases have been detected by tests. Vaccination was imposed.

■ The United States will open vaccines to adults on April 19

The United States will offer anti-Covid vaccination to all American adults from April 19, one month ahead of their targets, President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday. The country has given a big boost to its vaccination campaign and is at more than three million injections per day on average over the last 7 days, according to the authorities.

■ California talks about a large reopening in mid-June

We can now project ourselves into post-pandemic life

announced Tuesday the governor of California, who is talking about completely reopening his state on June 15, thanks to the American vaccination campaign driven drum beating.

Governor Gavin Newsom added: “The light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter.”

Provided there is no new peak in the epidemic or a vaccine shortage, all businesses in his state will be free to reopen in mid-June, with Californians being encouraged to follow “reduction measures.” common sense risks ”. Large indoor events will also be allowed with negative test or vaccination evidence.

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