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[En continu] The National presses for an opening of restaurants on March 22

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On Tuesday, the Federal Office of Public Health announced 1130 additional cases of coronavirus in 24 hours. Its officials have said they fear a rise in infections.

The Confederation is considering making free systematic tests in companies.

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■ The National presses for the opening of restaurants

The National Council has just voted on a motion calling for the restaurants to reopen on March 22.

■ In the United States, enough vaccines in May

“We set out to have enough vaccines available for all adults in America by the end of May,” Joe Biden said Tuesday evening. The American president had mentioned three weeks ago a deadline at the end of July.

He hailed “significant progress,” but that doesn’t mean all American adults will be vaccinated by that date. “We need people who inject into people’s arms, into millions of American arms,” he added.

■ Greece is banking on the popularity of teleworking to bring back brains

We want you to come back!

Alex Patelis, the chief economic adviser to the Greek Prime Minister, told a recent online event: “We have the sun, the technology and we will be by your side. We want you to come back. Open offices, set up new businesses or move part of your business to Greece. ”

In fact, the Greek government hopes to take advantage of the covid pandemic to convince thousands of talented people who left abroad during a decade of crisis to return to Greece, in order to put an end to the brain drain. Some 500,000 people migrated abroad during the financial crisis, in which the country’s economy contracted by a quarter and unemployment soared to 28%.

The Greek administration sees hope in the pandemic which has made it possible to redefine the concept of the office, thus hoping to attract nomadic workers or teleworkers who can exercise their profession wherever they are.

■ A Vaud doctor pleads for spacing out vaccinations

Head of the Policlinic of Tropical Medicine, Travel and Vaccinations at Unisanté, in Lausanne, Blaise Genton believes that the second injection should be delayed. In an interview at 24 Hours, he suggests spacing out vaccinations in order to cope with delivery delays, and to give only one dose to people who have already had Covid-19, as has been decided in France.

Blaise Genton adds that it is necessary to be able to adapt the vaccination strategies to the available doses. This is why he is in favor of an interval of twelve weeks between the two doses, against six currently. Asked about the dangerousness of such a measure for some people, he cites a Scottish study which showed that a single dose reduces hospitalizations by 85%. Therefore: “It is better to protect 80% of vulnerable people at 80% rather than 40% of vulnerable people at 95%.”

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