[En continu] The G7 wants to double its support for vaccination campaigns

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The G7 is committed to strengthening aid for immunization in poor countries. New Zealand launches its vaccination campaign.

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■ The G7 is committed to strengthening aid for immunization in poor countries

G7 leaders announced Friday evening to double their collective support for anti-Covid vaccination. Their commitment now amounts to 7.5 billion dollars. It is intended in particular for the UN Covax program, led by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to the United States, the European Union has doubled its contribution to one billion euros while Germany has released new funds.

This program aims to provide vaccines this year to 20% of the population of nearly 200 participating countries and territories. But above all, it includes a financing mechanism that allows 92 low- and middle-income economies to have access to precious doses.

French President Emmanuel Macron also proposes that Europe and the United States deliver “as quickly as possible” 13 million doses of vaccines to Africa. The operation would aim to help the continent to vaccinate its 6.5 million caregivers.

■ New Zealand launches its vaccination campaign

New Zealand launched its Covid-19 vaccination program this Saturday. She warns, however, that this is only a small step in the long fight against the pandemic.

The vaccination campaign starts with the population at risk and those exposed to the virus. The program will gradually be extended to the rest of the population.

Pfizer / BioNtech’s vaccine was the first approved by New Zealand health authorities. The vaccination program begins just days after authorities lifted a three-day lockdown in Auckland.

The country has been widely praised for its handling of the epidemic and has seen only 26 deaths out of a population of five million. Despite the vaccination campaign, the New Zealand government says it was unlikely that foreign tourists would be allowed to return this year.

■ Israel could vaccinate Palestinian workers

The Palestinian Authority announced on Friday an agreement with Israel to vaccinate some 100,000 Palestinians working in Israeli territory against Covid-19. A vast vaccination campaign is being carried out there. Objective: to seek to limit the spread of new variants of the coronavirus.

Asked by AFP, the Israeli authorities did not immediately confirm this agreement. The Israeli Ministry of Health only confirmed in a statement that a meeting was held in Ramallah. He says he is aware of the fact that Israel and the Palestinians share a common geographic reality. and that the spread of the virus in Palestinian territory “may have an impact on the morbidity of Israelis”.