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[En continu] The Federal Council will ask for an extension for hardship aid

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The WHO report on the origins of the pandemic will be presented on Tuesday, but it has largely been leaked. Read our press review.

Monday, to increase your pressure, GastroSwiss announced the launch of a grassroots pandemic aid initiative.

our follow-up of the day Monday

■ An extension will be required for emergency cases

The ten billion francs already approved for the aid program for hardship cases in connection with the coronavirus crisis will not be enough, believes Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer, as summarized by the ATS. The Minister of Finance warns of the long-term financial consequences of the health crisis.

Speaking to media in Zurich on Tuesday, Ueli Maurer said the Confederation is likely to need additional credit in July. “In our opinion, the system is working very well, funds have already been paid.”

■ The KOF forecasts an improvement

The day begins with good news. The Economic Research Center, KOF, is raising its economic forecasts. The first signal of a recovery, the barometer of economists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich jumped in March from 15.2 points in one month to 117.8 points, its highest level since the summer of 2010.

At this unprecedented level since the recovery at the beginning of last summer following the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and the first restrictions, the economic barometer has clearly exceeded its long-term average of 100 points . Following the publication of the indicator for March, Zurich forecasters revised the previous month’s value to 102.6 points, from 102.7 points.

The KOF indicator stood at a level well above expectations. Economists polled by AWP expected values ​​between 104 and 107 points.

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