[En continu] Public opinion rallies around the vaccine

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The essential

Over the weekend, the FDA, the US drug agency, gave its Johnson & Johnson vaccine authorization, after the preparations of Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna. The Astra Zeneca vaccine, already used in Europe, has not yet received authorization in the United States.

The work group culture, lobby of cultural circles, demanded Sunday that the criteria allowing the reopening be communicated in the coming days. The gaps in terms of compensation must be filled.

our Sunday follow-up

■ Support for vaccines is growing

The population’s support for the Covid-19 vaccine is on the rise in several countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States or even France, which is considered skeptical, according to an international study published on Monday by the Kekst firm. CNC.

The study conducted in six countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, United States and Sweden) shows a clear upward trend everywhere compared to the end of 2020.

Thus, in France, 59% of respondents say they are ready to receive a vaccine or have already done so against only 40% last December.

The increase is even more spectacular in Sweden, with 76% of responses in favor of this question against 51% in September 2020. It is in the United Kingdom that the membership rate is highest, with 89%, instead of 65% last September.

On the other hand, the people questioned are much more critical of the effectiveness of the deployment of vaccination in their respective countries. While 3 out of 4 Britons welcome the rapid implementation of vaccination in their country, the ratio collapses in the other nations surveyed, to 32% in the United States, 22% in France and even 20% in Sweden.

■ The Philippines begins its campaign of vaccinations by caregivers and police officers

The Philippines launched its Covid-19 vaccination campaign on Monday, administering the first doses of the Chinese CoronaVac vaccine. The priority categories are healthcare workers, the military, the police and senior government officials.

Key aides to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte were among hundreds to receive the first doses of the vaccine, believing it to be a moral duty. Mr. Duterte’s government has come under fire for the delay in procuring vaccines.