[En continu] Iranian President warns of ‘fourth wave’

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In New York, the Covid vaccine is a new asset on dating sites. Iran plunges into a dramatic health situation.

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■ In Iran, the fear of a new wave

Some towns in Khuzestan province, in southwest Iran, are now “red” zones, after several weeks of low levels of contamination across the country. “This means that we are heading towards the fourth wave. We must all be vigilant to avoid this ”, underlined Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran is the country in the Middle East hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic with nearly 59,000 deaths out of more than 1.5 million people infected.

■ The Covid vaccine, a new asset on dating sites

In New York, in a few weeks, being vaccinated against Covid-19 has become a strong argument on dating sites. Some use it to better conclude, others use it to show their faith in science and ward off anti-vaccines.

“The most desirable thing on a dating site right now is to have had the vaccine,” explains Michael Kaye, communications manager for the OkCupid platform. Thus, 43% of the approximately 1,500 users of the “Coffee Meets Bagel” meeting platform questioned said they were more attracted to a person who declared himself vaccinated.