[En continu] Increase in suicide attempts was observed among young people in 2020, Confederation ends up with hundreds of thousands of expired tests on its arms: the news of Sunday, April 11

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Psychosomatic disorders and severe depressive symptoms increased last year, according to a Zurich study, especially among young people. The Confederation is left with 740,000 expired tests on its hands. The UDC wants to demand expanded openings to April 19. France, it is expanding vaccination to over 55 years.

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■ Zurich notes an increase in suicide attempts among young people possibly related to the health situation.

Suicide attempts among children and adolescents recorded at the University Pediatric Hospital Zurich more than doubled last year. Admissions for psychosomatic disorders have also tripled due to the pandemic.

Even if no scientific data supports it for the moment, the link with the health situation is highly probable, indicates Markus Landolt, chief psychologist of the establishment, in an interview published by the NZZ Sunday. In 2020, 49 children and adolescents were admitted to the emergency room after a suicide attempt, up from 22 in 2019.

This year, we are already at 21, adds Professor Landolt, and the situation is getting worse. Most of the young people concerned are over the age of twelve and more than half are girls. All social classes are affected.

Eating disorders, some of which are life threatening, and dissociative disorders of body perception are also on the rise. During the second wave, between November and March, inpatient admissions tripled compared to a year earlier.

Many young people describe very difficult family situations, conflicts and violence, continues the specialist. There are also those who are afraid of dropping out of school, of disappointing parents’ expectations or more generally of fears about the future.

The follow-up of those concerned is also precarious. It is practically impossible to find a place for psychotherapeutic treatment, the situation is catastrophic, concludes Professor Landolt.

Last December, the study Swiss Corona Stress Study carried out at the University of Basel had already shown that young people are particularly affected. The researchers also found a correlation between the strength of the second wave and the frequency of severe depressive symptoms in the townships.

■ The UDC will require faster openings

The UDC wants to demand at the beginning of next week, via the National Economy Commission, immediate openings from April 19 for restaurants and the various players in the fields of culture, sport and leisure, reports the Sunday newspaper this Sunday.

■ The Confederation is left with hundreds of thousands of expired PCR tests

The Confederation is left with thousands of expired PCR tests on its arms, according to the NZZ Sunday. The authorities are said to have bought more than a million tests last spring, planned as a reserve in case of emergency. What the latter spent about 16.7 million francs, according to a spokesperson for the army. The Confederation managed to resell around 300,000 PCR tests during the first three months of the current year, which brought it in 3 million francs. However, 740,000 tests are now out of date. Due to their biochemical components, PCR tests have a limited lifespan.

■ In France, vaccination opens to over 55s

Vaccination against Covid-19 will be open unconditionally from Monday to all French people aged 55 or over, with the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, announced the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

Since March 19, France has reserved the vaccine from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca for over 55s, after rare but serious cases of coagulation disorders observed in younger patients.