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[En continu] In Brazil, a parliamentary inquiry against Jair Boslonaro on his management of the pandemic

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Germany announced Thursday that it will enter into talks with Russia over a possible purchase of the vaccine. Sputnik v.

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■ 11 people brought to justice after illegal gatherings in Sion

Several hundred young people gathered in the streets of Sion on April 1st. At the end of these clandestine demonstrations, 11 adolescents and young adults were arrested and will be brought to justice for riot, even for violence or threat against the authorities and officials or for preventing them from performing an official act, as well as for violation of the Covid-19 order in a particular situation, we learn in a press release from the Valais Police.

For these offenses, they incur custodial sentences of up to 3 years or financial penalties, even personal benefits or fines for minors.

■ AstraZeneca: Olivier Véran suggests that those under 55 will have another vaccine for the 2nd dose

Those under 55 who have received a first dose of AstraZeneca against Covid-19 should have their second with another vaccine, Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Friday before an official announcement expected in the morning.

“It will be confirmed normally today, it is totally logical,” said Olivier Véran on RTL, stressing however that the official announcement was made by the High Authority for Health (HAS).

The HAS had suspended this vaccine for those under 55 years of age on March 19, due to rare cases of thrombosis spotted in Europe. But previously, “nearly 600,000 French”, including caregivers, had received a first dose of this vaccine injected since early February.

“I am part of this population,” recalled Olivier Véran, 41, who had been vaccinated on February 8 in his capacity as a neurologist by training.

“It is completely consistent to say + We do not recommend the AstraZeneca vaccine to under 55s while waiting to learn more […] and therefore if you have received a first injection and you are under 55 years of age, you will be offered another vaccine 12 weeks after the first injection, you will receive an injection of a messenger RNA vaccine, ”Olivier Véran developed.

■ Record of deaths in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro soon under investigation

A Brazilian Supreme Court judge on Thursday ordered the Brazilian Senate to set up a commission of inquiry to assess the conduct of President Jair Bolsonaro’s government in its controversial handling of the pandemic. This decision follows the request made by 32 of the 81 senators in the country.

The investigation should focus on “the actions and omissions of the federal government […], in particular in the face of the worsening health crisis in the state of Amazonas, after the lack of oxygen for hospitalized patients, ”said the magistrate, Luís Roberto Barroso. In January, dozens of people died in Manaus, the state capital of Amazonas, due to lack of oxygen in hospitals.

Brazil recorded 4,249 new deaths in 24 hours on Thursday, for a total of 345,025 deaths, the second heaviest death toll after the United States. This is the second day in a row that this daily toll exceeds 4,000 dead.

■ Overflow of manuscripts from French publishers

The context is quite unfavorable for new and newcomers who dream of being the stars of publishing in France. The closing of bookstores twice in 2020 resulted in postponements, causing a traffic jam in 2021. If getting published is always difficult for beginners, it has become even more complicated.

In view of the exceptional circumstances, we ask that you stop sending the manuscripts. Take care of yourself always and good reads

Gallimard communication

Not sure that the advice of the publishing house is followed unanimously, but to increase your chances, it is better to comply. And be patient. Gallimard is however not stingy in the first novels in his famous White Collection: five at the beginning of January, two in March, two in April… Asked by AFP on the reasons for this message, the editor mentioned the immensity of the volumes sent. The approximately 30 manuscripts per working day received at its headquarters have grown to 50 for almost a year.

Between January and March, 1,200 manuscripts reached this great Parisian publisher, while he receives around 3,500 per year, concentrated at the beginning and end of the year.

■ Gibraltar, an “oasis” thanks to mass vaccination

Greeting each other without a mask in the street or going to the stadium are once again part of everyday life in the small British enclave of Gibraltar, one of the first territories in the world to have vaccinated almost all of its population against the coronavirus.

Many cross-border workers in the small territory of nearly 34,000 inhabitants located in the far south of Spain, have also been vaccinated. “It’s like an oasis”, enthuses one of them, for whom crossing the border is “going from one world to another”. In Spain, where sanitary restrictions are still numerous, he says he feels “like in an aquarium with limited movement”.

Thanks to the advance of vaccination, the curfew set at midnight was lifted at the end of March, reviving the activity of bars and restaurants which had only reopened their doors on March 1 after months of restrictions. And on Thursday, Gibraltar’s head of government Fabian Picardo even announced the lifting of rules on Monday limiting the number of diners who can sit at the same table in a bar or restaurant as well as the end of the limit on April 16. of 16 people who can meet.

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