[En continu] Guy Parmelin dedicates Sick Day to patients with covid-19

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Some 4000 people opposed to measures to combat the coronavirus have manifested saturday to Boiler.

our follow-up of the day on Saturday

■ Sick Day dedicated to victims of the coronavirus

The President of the Confederation Guy Parmelin is dedicating the Day of the sick, this Sunday, March 7, in particular to patients with covid-19 or who suffer from the after-effects of this infection. To their relatives, he expresses his sympathy.

The covid-19 pandemic is “the greatest societal challenge since World War II,” said the President of the Confederation in the written text of his televised address. It has claimed many lives and has taken a heavy toll on our lives.

The current situation demands a lot of strength and endurance, especially on the part of vulnerable people, but also of young people, to whom great efforts are required. At the same time, the pandemic has shattered many professional or private projects and is subjecting the population to painful isolation, underlines Guy Parmelin.

The Federal Councilor also thanks the doctors and nursing staff, placed under extreme pressure, for their unwavering commitment.

This year, the motto of the Day of the Sick is “Vulnerable but combative”. The pandemic has shown how disarmed our society can be. But the Federal Council is doing everything it takes to keep it combative.

■ First cases in New Caledonia

Nine first cases of Covid-19 were detected on Sunday in New Caledonia where strict confinement of two weeks was announced by the president of the local government and the High Commissioner of the Republic.

These cases were identified during investigations carried out due to the detection the day before in the neighboring archipelago of Wallis and Futuna of the first indigenous case.

■ Delivery of the Covid, China vaccinates without emergency

Chinese who do not feel any urgency because the epidemic is under control at home, production capacities still modest and a “vaccine diplomacy” which diverts doses abroad: vaccination begins timidly in China.

At this rate, the Asian giant, yet at the forefront of vaccine development, could see developed countries achieve collective immunity and reopen their borders before it – almost an affront.

According to a survey by the Ipsos institute, the Chinese are among the most eager to be vaccinated (85%), far ahead of the Americans (71%), the French (57%) or the Russians (42%). But the wait-and-see attitude dominates for the moment.

“I will first wait to see if there are any side effects,” Shirley Shi, a human resources manager in Beijing, told AFP. “And then the epidemic is under control in China and I do not plan to travel abroad. So I don’t need a vaccine right away, ”she explains.

With only two deaths since May and a life that has returned to near-normal, the Chinese strategy is “very effective and gives a feeling of security to the population”, notes Mathieu Duchâtel, director of the Asia program at the Montaigne Institute in Paris.

“The sense of urgency that exists in the West […] is not present in China, ”he emphasizes. China has already administered more than 52 million doses, which places it second in the world behind the Americans.

But the country is far behind in percentage of doses administered per 100 inhabitants: less than four, against 25 in the United States and 33 in the United Kingdom. A situation that may surprise in a country known for its capacity for mobilization and which has already firmly imposed confinements, screenings and quarantines since last year.