[En continu] Globally, new contaminations hit a record on Saturday

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Saturday, a first case of varying this “if” has been spotted in Switzerland.

A demonstration anti-covid measures gathered 4000 people in Rapperswil, canton of St. Gallen.

Find our follow-up of the day on Saturday.

■ Record number of new contaminations

AFP calculated Thursday evening that nearly 900,000 new cases of coronavirus have been identified worldwide in a single day, a record figure mainly due to the epidemic outbreak in India.

More than a third of the additional contaminations recorded in 24 hours worldwide, or around 340,000, were recorded on Indian territory. Experts attribute this new wave on Indian soil to a “double mutation” of the virus and to mass events, such as the Hindu religious festival Khumb Mela which brought together millions of pilgrims.

■ Greece is doubling down for the tourist season

These days, Greece is accelerating the pace to complete as a priority the vaccination of dozens of small islands in the Aegean (east) and Ionian (west) before the vaccination of larger ones, welcoming millions of tourists each year, with a view to from the official opening of the tourist season in mid-May.

Called by the authorities “Operation Freedom”, the vaccination program across Greece “continues in an exemplary manner on the islands”, welcomes Anargyros Mariolis, responsible for vaccination on the island of Elafonisos, met by the AFP agency. “Our goal is to create a wall of immunity to return to normalcy as soon as possible,” he says.

The mayor of Elafonisos, Efi Liarou assures us that “70% of the population of the island will be vaccinated by mid-May, which constitutes a sort of shield for the inhabitants”.

“This is a very important step which guarantees the opening of the tourist season and sends a message of optimism”, she underlines, welcoming the “Covid-free identity” of her island of a surface area. of 18km2.