[En continu] Emmanuel Macron promises the French a vaccination “by the end of the summer”

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The essential

On Tuesday, after Germany, Sweden and France decided to limit the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine to under 65.

Pfizer said sales of its Covid vaccine will reach approximately $ 15 billion over the year 2021.

our follow-up of Tuesday

■ Emmanuel Macron’s promise: “By the end of summer”

French President Emmanuel Macron surprised the Republic on Tuesday evening, speaking on TV in an unforeseen manner. At the end of a meeting with pharma groups, he assured that “all French adults who wish” will be offered a vaccine “by the end of the summer”, ie by September 22.

While the government is accused of slowness, he also estimated that, “at the beginning of March”, the 80% of residents of nursing homes (EMS) who wished, or 500,000 people, will have been vaccinated, ensuring that the campaign of vaccination “is proceeding at the rate which was planned”.

■ WHO experts visited the controversial laboratory

World Health Organization (WHO) experts visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China on Wednesday, as part of their investigation into the origin of the coronavirus, against which the EU plans to adopt vaccines Chinese and Russian.

This institute, which has several high-security laboratories where researchers work on coronaviruses, had been accused by the previous US President Donald Trump of having let the virus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic leak. The accusation has been firmly denied by Beijing.

The experts stayed about four hours at the Institute of Virology and left without making a statement. The regime waited over a year before authorizing this visit. The AFP agency specifies that many analysts doubt that the dozen international experts will discover revealing signs of the outbreak of the epidemic after such a delay.