[En continu] Election suspense in Neuchâtel

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The essential

Voters will appoint five State Councilors and, it is new 100 deputies, instead of 115.

For the first time, the election of parliament is based on the principle of a single constituency. Voters were able to vote for candidates from across the canton, not just from its district.

Our summary of the challenges: Neuchâtel: Will the ecologists return to the Council of State?

■ 13 municipalities announced their results

The results of thirteen first towns fell. For the time being, the two PLR State Councilors Alain Ribaux and Laurent Favre are leading. In third place follows the other outgoing who represents himself, the socialist Laurent Kurth.

The other two PLR candidates Crystel Graf and Lionel Rieder come after. Interesting: the socialist Florence Nater is ahead of her running mate Frédéric Mairy, and the Green Robby Tschopp is only 8th for the time being. Note that these are small towns located more to the right. As for participation, it is currently 32.48%.

■ Coveted seats

21 people rush to enter the government. For the parliament, reduced to 100 seats, 525 contenders are in the running.

■ The course of the day

Concerning the Council of State, the results of the small municipalities will fall quickly, at the beginning of the afternoon. The general verdict is expected in the afternoon.

With regard to the Grand Council, things are more complicated, in particular because of the change in the voting system (read below). The Chancellery speaks of results “in principle during the evening”.

■ The small revolution of the single constituency

The Council of State sums up the major change which has been made and which comes into force for these elections at the level of the Grand Council: “Each voter will be able to elect 100 deputies from the four regions of the canton, namely Coastline, Mountains, Val-de-Ruz and Val-de-Travers. In order to ensure the representativeness of each of these regions, they have guaranteed seats. This means that each region is entitled to a minimum number of deputies. ”