[En continu] Confederation discusses possible booster vaccination

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Beijing approves second vaccine made in china.

To the United States, a $ 1.9 trillion bailout could be passed through a streamlined voting process in Congress.

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■ The Confederation discusses a possible booster vaccination

The Confederation is preparing for the possibility of reduced effectiveness of vaccines against mutated variants of the coronavirus. The relevance of a booster vaccination is under discussion, indicates Nora Kronig, vice-director of the FOPH, in an interview published on Saturday by the Day indicator.

“We take precautions at an early stage because we don’t know how long the vaccine works and whether it protects against mutations in the virus,” says Kronig. The latter, also head of the international division of the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP), answered the question of why Bern ordered a vaccine for 17 million people.

At present, the situation is difficult to assess, she emphasizes. It cannot be ruled out that the vaccines are not sufficiently effective for certain variants of the virus.

■ Beijing approves a second vaccine made in China (Sinovac)

Chinese Medicines Regulatory Authority gives “conditional” approval for Sinovac’s CoronaVac.

This authorization comes after several trials of the vaccine in countries such as Brazil and Turkey, although “the results in terms of efficacy and safety have yet to be confirmed,” Sinovac said in a statement.

■ Joe Biden wants to speed up the adoption of a gigantic bailout

The President of the United States on Friday promised to “act quickly” in the face of the economic difficulties of Americans linked to the pandemic, hammering out his desire to have his rescue plan adopted ($ 1.9 trillion including aid for SMEs and households most vulnerable) after worrying signals sent by the labor market. The unemployment rate, which had not budged in December, fell to 6.3% in January. And 49,000 jobs were created, after a negative December.

The Democratic-controlled Senate and House of Representatives on Friday approved resolutions instituting a simple majority voting procedure for the Biden plan to bypass the opposition and save time. Everything should take at least two weeks, said Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the lower house.

Spain, Greece limit use of AstraZeneca vaccine

Spain’s health ministry said on Friday it would limit the use of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine to those under 55, after other European countries said they had similar restrictions. Greece, for its part, has indicated that it reserves the use of this vaccine for those under 65.

France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and other countries have set age limits for this vaccine, developed by the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, due to the lack of risk assessment in older populations. Swissmedic said Wednesday it lacked data to allow its authorization in Switzerland.

Nearly 500 Covid-19 screening tests carried out in Villars

The canton of Vaud started its large-scale screening tests for the coronavirus in the Pre-Alps on Friday. The operation began in the ski resort of Villars. A total of 484 tests were performed. Seven have tested positive.

These tests in Villars take place over three days until Sunday 7 p.m. and will then continue from Monday in Les Diablerets and then from next Thursday in Leysin, still over three days. They are done on a voluntary basis and without an appointment, are free and are aimed at anyone from 12 years old, including people who do not live in one of these three stations.