[En continu] Cantons are pushing for relaxation of measures, New Zealand confines capital for three days

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The essential

In the Sunday press, several political voices are calling for a relaxation of the measures

Following the discovery of a new infectious focus, New Zealand confines its capital

European Union to authorize variant vaccines more quickly

our follow-up of the day on Saturday

■ Cantons are pushing to relax restrictions

Pressure is increasing on the Federal Council to relax restrictions aimed at combating the coronavirus, the Sunday press reports. Thus, the president of the Valais Council of State, Christophe Darbellay, calls in the Sonntagszeitung for the reopening of non-essential stores while the Geneva Minister of Health, Mauro Poggia, calls in the Sonntagsblick to leave the sports and fitness centers restart their activities, and to authorize small cultural events.

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The story is the same on the side of Friborg where his counterpart Anne-Claude Demierre pleads for a gradual relaxation by reopening shops, museums and sports facilities, as well as restaurants. The government is due to set its line on Wednesday and then plans to consult the cantons.

■ Auckland confined

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ordered three-day confinement in Auckland on Sunday after the discovery of a new source of coronavirus contamination.

1.7 million inhabitants will be required to stay at home from midnight Sunday evening. Schools and businesses will remain closed on Monday, with the exception of businesses deemed “essential”.