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[En continu] AstraZeneca questioned again

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TheGermany postpones all planned loosening measures. Shops and cultural or sporting spaces remain closed until at least April 18.

our follow-up of the day Monday

■ AstraZeneca in the hot seat

AstraZeneca was able to use “outdated” data in clinical trials in the United States that it brandished in its defense, said the US regulator, citing a group of independent experts.

In an “unusual” approach, according to the New York TimesThe National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases issued a statement late Monday evening. He says his “concern that AstraZeneca may have used outdated information in this trial, which may have resulted in an incomplete estimate of the vaccine’s efficacy”, experts say.

On Monday, the firm replied in the controversy that targets it, ensuring that its product is 80% effective against Covid-19 in the elderly and does not increase the risk of blood clots. It was based on phase III clinical trials conducted in the United States.

■ Difficulties in implementing tests in pharmacies

Sure the waves of the SRF this morning, the president of PharmaSuisse Martine Ruggli-Ducrot indicates that only 280 of the 1,800 pharmacies in Switzerland offer rapid tests against Covid-19.

With 26 regulations, it is relatively complicated for pharmacies to offer rapid tests, she laments. For example, it is particularly difficult to set up separate entrances and exits for people who want to be tested.

The spokesperson for the Conference of Health Directors, Tobias Bär, justified this requirement by stressing that the aim is to minimize the risk of infection for other clients and staff.

■ The situation is “serious” in Germany

It took 12 hours of discussions between Angela Merkel’s federal government and the ministers of the Länder. Overnight, these officials announced that most stores will be closed in Germany and religious services canceled at Easter, from April 1 to 5, in order to stem the rise in Covid-19 cases.

said the Chancellor. “The number of cases is increasing exponentially and intensive care beds are filling up again.”

Only food stores will be able to open on April 3. Gatherings, such as outdoor dining, will be banned from April 1-5.

Restrictions in effect since the end of 2020, such as restrictions on private meetings, closures of cultural and leisure facilities, have been extended until April 18.

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