[En continu] After a surge of love for dogs during confinement, a quarter of the English want to part with them

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The essential

At the end of the day Thursday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the end of travel restrictions on May 3. In mid-May, perhaps, the terraces as well as cultural and sports halls could reopen.

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■ New state of emergency in Tokyo

This Friday, the Japanese government is preparing to declare a state of emergency once again in Tokyo and in three other departments (Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo), three months before the start of the Olympic Games scheduled in the Japanese capital, facing to a sharp local upsurge in the coronavirus.

We have a strong sense of crisis

Japanese minister in charge of the fight against the virus, Yasutoshi Nishimura, said on Friday. “We will not be able to contain the variants which have powerful infectious capacities, unless we take stronger measures than those taken so far,” he added.

Establishments serving alcohol (restaurants, bars, karaoke …) will have to close their doors from this Sunday until May 11 inclusive, as well as shopping centers and department stores.

According to local media, these measures, which will coincide with the holidays of the “Golden Week”, a time of year when the Japanese usually travel a lot, could involve the suspension of some train and bus lines to limit mobility.

■ In the United Kingdom, the disenchantment with dogs

Over the past year, the UK has seen a surge in affection for dogs, among others. During the confinements, animal adoptions exploded.

The UK has 12 million homes with a dog, up from 9 million before the coronavirus, according to figures from the Dog Food Manufacturers Association, with many households deciding to acquire a pet after spending more time at home during successive confinements.

But after an initial craze, the responsibilities of adopting a pet seem to weigh on these recent owners. One in four are considering giving up their dog because of the difficulty in controlling it, says a survey conducted by Atomik Research for Burns Pet Nutrition and conducted online April 6-9 with 2002 adult dog owners in the UK.