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Emmanuel Macron, the obligation of vaccine success

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It was clear that the French would once again be involved. By choosing to intervene live on television just two weeks after the entry into force of the new containment measures in sixteen (then nineteen) French departments, Emmanuel Macron sided with the advice of the scientific community. With 141 additional deaths and 30,702 new cases of contamination in the last twenty-four hours, France runs, according to most experts, the risk of hospital saturation rather than new means in intensive care – to reach 10,000 beds in place when it comes out of the first containment in 2020 – must prevent it. The French president, without ever pronouncing the word “confinement”, therefore resolved to pull the plug. With the objective that his country can emerge from its Covid coma in mid-May, via the envisaged (and gradual) reopening of cultural establishments and café-restaurants.


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