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Emancipation through women’s wrestling

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For the wrestling demonstrations she has already started learning, Elodie has created two characters: a good and a bad. The face and the heel, as the insiders say. Elodie’s first double positive is called Just a Girl: just a girl, “to say to male opponents: yes, it was a girl who beat you,” specifies the 34-year-old borderline. He is also a feminist and proud character, who advocates the positive body, acceptance of the body. Showing myself in shorts, belly up, with my build, is something that I take much less responsibility for in life. But in the ring, my body helps me send a message. He says I’m proud of who I am, and encourages everyone to do the same. As for my antagonist, she is a Celtic goddess of war, bloody and haughty, who wants to subdue all her opponents and prove that she is the strongest. “

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