Elon Musk’s satellites will compete with Swisscom

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A new player stands in front of Swisscom: Elon Musk. Or more precisely its Starlink company, which aims to provide access to the Internet via its satellites. Without making any noise, the American company has just allowed Swiss consumers to register to benefit from its connections. From space, Starlink is preparing to compete not only with the Swiss operator, but also UPC-Sunrise, cable operators and Salt.

Swiss amateur astronomers had already had a taste of the progress made by Starlink in recent months. But this first glimpse was negative: they were able to observe, in the Swiss sky, lines of several Starlink satellites, so bright that they made it impossible to clearly distinguish planets and stars. Today, the company SpaceX, which is responsible for putting Starlink’s satellites into orbit, has launched so many (more than 2,000) into space that the service has been able to become operational.