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Dracula’s Castle attracts tourists by vaccinating them!

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At the beginning of May 2021, the famous Dracula’s Castle announced the opening of a vaccination center in its enclosure. This is an original way to attract local tourists while motivating vaccination. The initiative is a success since since the announcement, many curious people are flocking.

A vaccination center at Dracula!

In 2014, a team of archaeologists unearthed a series of secret galleries and cells during renovations in Tokat Castle in Turkey. However, one of the cells would have, on the order of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II, retained the prince of Wallachia, from whom Bram Stoker was inspired in order to create the character of Dracula. In the work, Vlad III known as “the Impaler” (Romanian figure of the 15th century) has been associated for some years with Bran Castle in Transylvania (Romania), although no historical document attests to it. Today, Bran Castle plays on this folklore and offers tours. Each year, this tourist site attracts between 400 and 500,000 visitors.

However, with more than a million cases for around 30,000 deaths, the Covid-19 pandemic has not spared Romania. Thus, the attendance at Bran Castle is today much less important than usual. However, those in charge of this establishment have decided to act. Sure his Facebook account on May 7, 2021, the castle made an announcement that leaves no one indifferent. Indeed, the post in question announces the opening of a vaccination center in medieval customs buildings from Friday to Sunday throughout the month of May.

Credit: Bran Castle / Facebook

An idea as original as it is effective

Since this announcement, the curious crowd in the enclosure of the castle. People wishing to be vaccinated can thus take the opportunity to visit the building, although there is no obligation. However, they have free access to the current exhibition dedicated to the instruments of torture. Those wishing to receive a dose of Pfizer BioNTech will receive a rather nice certificate. The document shows a nurse with vampire teeth holding a syringe. The character is accompanied by a message attesting to the patient’s “recklessness and responsibility” and the promise of a welcome in the castle. “For the next hundred years”.

dracula vaccination
Credit: Bran Castle / Facebook

Bran Castle therefore had an idea as original as it was effective to attract local tourists and boost its visits while boosting a vaccination dynamic against the coronavirus. Tourists can also visit the small village located on the outskirts of the castle where traders offer local food and weaving, as well as products derived from the myth of Dracula.


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