Dominique Giroud, the guilty sponsor

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Here is the epilogue (for the moment provisional) of a most atypical story. For the Geneva Police Court, there is no doubt. Dominique Giroud knew and wanted (or at least considered and accepted) the computer attack launched against the two journalists who were working at the time for Time and RTS. Found guilty of instigating data evasion attempts for having sponsored this ultimately failed piracy, the winegrower, who denied having given his consent to the operation, receives a 6-month suspended prison sentence. The Valaisan will appeal, announced his lawyer.

Sponsored hacking

The verdict essentially holds that the fine team, made up of the winemaker, the now ex-secret agent (the only one to obtain his acquittal), the private detective and the computer scientist, met in mid-January 2014 to discuss the best way to protect Dominique Giroud from the leaks that fed the press. “He then ordered the hack and gave his agreement in principle.” Then, adds the decision, the Valaisan received the computer scientist in his cellar and paid him an advance of 10,000 francs for the hacking. The thesis that this money should be used to finance new secure computers is not considered credible.