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Do you have an interesting idea or invention? PETA USA Pays Students to Help Create a Species Free Future | News

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From mushroom leather in the fashion industry, to organ-on-a-chip in medical science, to classroom dissection using SynFrog software, the use of animals is rapidly being replaced by technology and innovation. .

If you can use your talents to save the animals from the farm, you could get a “Future Without Speciesism” award (Future without speciesism).

PETA USA awards prizes of $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 to university students who come up with an innovative idea and specific action plan to help animals. This award does not confer any property rights on PETA and does not prevent you from patenting your invention.

Applicants are asked to identify an area in which animals are still exploited and to create an original and patentable idea or prototype that will replace them.

Inventions must be able to be marketed as a viable alternative to the methods you seek to replace. Students can work in teams or individually. The prize amounts will be determined by PETA and will be based on the feasibility, practicality and promise of the proposed alternative.

PETA USA will review applicants’ ideas or inventions for viability, originality and applicability. Entries will be continuously reviewed and prizes will be distributed as winners are identified. By submitting this form, you agree to the following terms and the conditions of participation of PETA.

  • The proposed inventions must not use elements made from animals or materials derived from animals.
  • You declare that the answers to your form are correct and do not contain any misrepresentation, and you agree that the invention or idea proposed is your own original idea and the product of your work which has not been made available to the public in any way and has not yet been patented.
  • The idea, proposed invention, concept or working model must be the result of the work of an undergraduate or graduate student or a team of undergraduate or graduate students, in as part of a class or stand-alone project, and must be reproducible.
  • Your application must include proof that the invention works (or will work) for the use for which it is intended.
  • Multiple undergraduate or graduate students can apply for a single project, but only one scholarship will be awarded.
  • Receipt of the scholarship is subject to the signing of a scholarship acceptance agreement.
  • No payment is required. Not valid in countries where it is prohibited by law. Open to anyone aged 18 or over.


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