Disney Star flagship series, “Big Sky” does not take off

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A kind of success American style, series version: this could sum up the career of David Edward Kelley, one of the most prolific and celebrated screenwriters and producers on the small screen. A career born thirty-five years ago … in a Boston study. It was there that this young lawyer by profession began to write forensic thrillers for fun, before being recruited as a consultant for the 1980s series. Los Angeles law. It is the beginning of a mad rise. Kelley will sign the now cult Funny Sheriff (with Michelle Pfeiffer, his wife), then Ally mcbeal, The practice or Boston Public. A veteran who has, more recently, confirmed his authority with good surprises like Big little lies or the very commented one Cancellation, with Nicole Kidman as a bourgeois New Yorker whose world is collapsing.

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