David Tennant, brilliant in crime as in self-mockery

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We see him first, from a back shot, slightly at an angle, with the straight glass of his huge glasses. He’s on a bus. When he got out, arriving home, he was arrested by the police. Human remains were found in the pipes of his rental home. It takes place in London in 1983. Dennis Nilsen is arrested. He admits 15 murders, while at first the police suspected him only for the body found in the villa.

Mini-series in three chapters shown on Starz (by Canal + or Apple TV +), and which is released on DVD these days, Of – the nickname given to himself by Dennis Nilsen – recounts the a posteriori investigation into the crimes of this man, who died in 2018 in prison. The always touching Daniel Mays (Good omens, White lines) embodies Inspector Jay, whose obsession is to establish the identity of the victims, still homosexual homeless. The alleged killer does not give names, he says he does not remember them. In the strong codified English criminal procedure, it is a race against time for Jay.