Damien Hirst colonizes St. Moritz – Le Temps

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The exhibition is titled Mental Escapology, literally “escapology”, or the art of escape. A conjuring technique that allows you to free yourself from any hindrance. Scattered throughout the city of Saint-Moritz, this hanging presents works from the emblematic series of Damien hirst, an artist as famous as he is provocative.

We will find in particular pieces from the collection Natural History, the famous dead animals preserved in formalin in huge glass vats. It was his best-known and most morbid images that launched the career of the artist in the early 90s and earned him the prestigious Turner Prize 1995, awarded by the Tate Gallery. Backed by the advertising mogul and collector Charles Saatchi, the career of the artist has also been punctuated by marketing blows that have sometimes damaged its reputation, even its rating, as with For God’s sake, a human skull, in platinum, covered with diamonds.

The retrospective of Saint-Moritz allows you to savor the main themes of his artistic practice. His fascination with medicine, with its shelves containing drugs or surgical instruments, fits perfectly into the historic palace of the Paracelsus Forum, a building-museum located on the site of a thermal bath dating from 1400 BC In the meditation of the village church, the visitor can quietly observe his paintings with butterflies frozen in brilliant varnishes as well that its alignments of colored dots, the Occasional paintings.

The highlight of the exhibition are four monumental sculptures installed in the public space, including The monk, this monk in full meditation with the air of a forgotten relic at the bottom of the ocean, which sits in the center of the frozen lake. On the heights of the village, Temple, a gigantic flayed mannequin more than six meters high, reveals the intimacy of its organs to fascinated walkers.

Mental Escapology, Saint-Moritz (GR), until March 24. Find all the articles in the “One day, an idea“.