Cultural circles are mobilizing to warn about the degradation of their ecosystem

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At the end of January, the Culture Taskforce, a structure created almost a year ago and bringing together companies and associations active in culture as well as artists and creators, virtually met Alain Berset. Its goal: to underline “the importance of setting up compensation as comprehensive as possible”, while pleading for increased cooperation between the federal government, the cantonal authorities and the cultural sector, in order to reflect in a coordinated manner on the future reopening. places of culture.

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A few days before the next Federal Council announcements, scheduled for next Wednesday, the cultural actors and actresses of French-speaking Switzerland have decided to make themselves heard in an even more visible way by mobilizing this Saturday in order to “alert the authorities and public opinion on the need to act quickly to support a sector that has once again been shut down for almost four months ”, underlines a press release with the explicit title: No culture – no future.

Distribution of an open letter

Following a call for unity launched by eight professional organizations, in a sector which is sometimes disorganized but which has now learned to advance head-on, cultural workers will gather this Saturday at 3 p.m., for 15 minutes, in 10 cities. romandes –Genève, Lausanne, Vevey, Yverdon-les-Bains, Nyon, Neuchâtel, Friborg, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Sion and Delémont. These mobilizations will be followed by the distribution of an open letter signed by more than a hundred associations and cultural places, and highlighting a series of demands intended to attenuate as much as possible the consequences of the total cessation of activities.

Among these demands, the gradual reopening of places to the public, “in line with the reopening of other economic sectors and in compliance with protective measures”, the legal and administrative recognition of the specific status of people working in the cultural industry, development of financial support for artistic research and continuing education, or an extension of the framework deadlines for unemployment insurance. “What is good is that these demands come from the grassroots, from the workers, underlines the Vaud choreographer Philippe Saire. We are not asking for privileges, but simply for consistency ”.

The open letter is available on the website