Crisis session among Republicans: QAnonist Marjorie Taylor Greene emerges unscathed

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The choice of the Republicans is emblematic of the direction the party is taking and of the strong internal tensions, a few days before the start of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. On Wednesday evening, after a crisis session that lasted over four hours and was all about group psychotherapy, the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives decided to back the much-discussed Marjorie Taylor Greene and not to withdraw her. of the two committees on which she sits, as the Democrats wanted. Conversely, the elected Liz Cheney was lectured. It was she who drew the most criticism.

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Repeated provocations

However, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a follower of the conspiracy theses of the far-right QAnon movement, has spread anti-Semitic and Islamophobic remarks, and openly wanted the killing of Democratic deputies. She posed during her campaign with her AR-15 on her pickup, blowing up a target with the word “socialism” on it.

Daughter of former vice-president Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney is only under fire for her daring to vote in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment, while she is the third most important Republican from the room. On Wednesday, after an eight-minute speech, she calmly but firmly justified her decision, said she had acted in the depths of her conscience and refused to apologize. She assumes her position but has demanded a vote on her place in the party hierarchy. In the end, the Republicans voted by secret ballot and decided to keep her in office by 145 votes to 61.

However, there was no vote on Marjorie Taylor Greene. By dint of spreading untruths and conspiracy theories, the elected representative of Georgia, who arrived at the meeting on Wednesday with a mask “End of abortions”, nevertheless represents a danger. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy had a one-on-one with her and condemned her attacks on Democrats. But he refused to go any further, an attitude criticized by some of his peers. How to think, with its antecedents and repeated provocations, that the deputy is capable of returning to the ranks? She reportedly expressed some regrets during the crisis meeting, notably seeking to distance herself from QAnon. But a few hours earlier, she didn’t seem to have any regrets. She also did not hesitate to criticize Kevin McCarthy, even though he protected her.

According to US media, nearly half of Republicans stood up for her after her short speech. This gives an idea of ​​the trumpization of the party. It is particularly shocking that she sits on the Education Committee: she harassed a survivor of the Parkland school killings and has repeatedly implied that the mass school shootings could be stagings and the survivors, actors.


As the Republicans refused to take disciplinary measures against him, it is up to the House to vote on Thursday on the expulsion of the elected member from the committees. However, the House has a Democratic majority if we take into account the casting vote of Vice-President Kamala Harris. Will Republicans dare to vote with Democrats in favor of neutralizing one of their own? Will some dare to stand up to say that it does not represent the values ​​of the Republican Party? The stake is there. Elected officials hide behind the fact that most of the remarks with which he is accused date from before his election. Kevin McCarthy is the first to put this argument forward.

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In the meantime, the attitude of Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate, raises questions. He has lately both raised the tone with regard to Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Although he did not name her directly, he distanced himself Monday night from his delusional theories, saying: “Absurd lies and conspiracy theories are a cancer for the Republican Party and our country. Someone who suggested that no planes hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, that horrific school shootings were staged, and that the Clintons caused JFK Jr.’s plane to crash. does not live in reality. ” Will he go so far as to consider that Donald Trump is guilty of having provoked the violent attack on the Capitol on January 6? Nothing is less sure. In any case, he will be one of the main characters to observe in the coming days.