Covid: do we still have the right and the possibility to say the real as it is?

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How to get away from the current infobesity and keep a critical sense? Can we still question, criticize the official and media discourse or is this a new credo? A doxa, a dominant thought descended from the sky? Yes but which one, from heaven? What about the genesis of this virus, the effectiveness of the masks, the age of the deceased, the PCRs, containment, excess mortality, rejected treatments, vaccines? To these legitimate questions of the layman, he is often opposed to the qualifier of conspiratorial. “Conspiracy” has become a drawn weapon against any positive critical exchange. To question offends the new clergy in white coats and the communicators at the forge of words. The “opinion shapers”, as they boast of themselves. The arguments of authority fuse, relayed with zeal by certain sweet media, the long beating lashes and the mouth in heart. Poor Munich Charter!

This quasi-“hold-up” of language questions. At the slightest skepticism, you are described as a conspirator, reassurance, anti-vaccine, populist, selfish, anti-science. We no longer exchange words, we shoot each other with it. Does this ban on doubting and questioning fall from the sky after having wiped the humidity from cumulonimbus clouds? But in this case, what is the address of the “ministry of truth”? George-Orwell Street? A language police seems to be rife. We erect certainties from the first statements, the first tweet, the title of an article, the first opinions sputtered on television sets.