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Covid-19, an aggravating factor in dental health

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In normal times, having good dental health is essential. So in these rather troubled times in terms of health and society, you might as well put the odds in your favor. Especially when we know that the teeth are also suffering a lot from the Covid-19 pandemic, and this on many levels.

The importance of dental health

It cannot be said enough: dental health is so important that it can influence our general health. Bad breath, dental plaque, cavities … These are all complications that it is possible to avoid or reduce thanks to a regular and irreproachable hygiene.

And these gestures, we all know them, even if we are not necessarily equal when it comes to oral health. Brushing of teeth, dental floss and other regular visits to a dentist or orthodontist are indeed essential in many ways.

It would indeed be naive to think that only teeth can prevent certain bad bacteria from entering our body. And with regard to the coronavirus, there is no doubt that this disease has had a strong impact on the dental health of many people, on several levels. The Covid-19 has indeed sometimes been finger pointing to knock out teeth, the result of inflammation linked to contamination with the virus.

The staggered meetings

Successive confinements have already caused a huge lag in medical care. A delay that is difficult to catch up, which has left many people in difficulty. For obvious reasons related to increased risk of contamination from saliva droplets, dentists and orthodontists were also obliged to review their reception even more.

It is indeed impossible to practice this medicine from a distance, except for making an appointment, which is done more and more on the Internet. For the rest, the application of a health protocol strict allowed appointments to be resumed, but clearly not at the same level as before.

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Instead of fifteen people, dentists now receive an average of 8 patients per day in their cabinet. It is therefore better to be patient before going under the roulette wheel or to do your routine descaling. Consequence: people with mild underlying ailments may see their illness worsen before they can be taken care of. What to lower the effectiveness of the medical care, even if the care remains of quality.

Stress makes us clench our teeth

The pandemic has caused many people mental disorders related to anxiety, stress and many other related conditions. Result: we grit our teeth, in every sense of the term. And yet, there is nothing to smile about.

In recent months, dental specialists all over the world have witnessed a resurgence of certain dental ailments directly related to the current situation. In the lead, bruxism – the grinding of the teeth. This condition is often caused by stress, and can cause dental damage (breaks, cracks in particular) quite serious if they are not taken care of.

In adolescents and adults alike, the loosening of teeth can also happen among other things because of stress. We recommend the supported by an orthodontist, which will offer several solutions: classic rings, gutters invisible or the lingual device. You can find more information about this device on the website

This is also valid for medical concerns that affect the jaw joints. In short, the tensions and anxiety that we can feel affect our body, and especially the jaw and the mouth. To remedy this, be extra vigilant in your dental routine, and drink water regularly. The mask is not an excuse to neglect the health of your teeth!


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