Conspiracy theories: like a clouding of consciousness

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I’m worried. Usually, I entrust my moods to the “Journal” that no one reads. I hesitated before resolving to share this concern. If I decided to do it, it is because I have never experienced such a sensation in the space of public debate. As if something strange and quite repulsive had started to stir in the depths of collective consciousness, amalgamating with the critical spirit and dragging it into a shipwreck. This thing is flowing very visibly on social networks, in the hints of science fiction.

There is no pandemic, it is intoxication, a global conspiracy to subjugate peoples. The start of a new holocaust. If Covid-19 exists, it’s just a harmless virus that only kills old people and the numbers are faked anyway. Macron is no less dangerous than Hitler. France is a dictatorship. The Federal Council? Worse than the Taliban. The “mainstream” press, in the hands of a few billionaires, is unreliable and it is Trump who won. Etc.