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The Federal Council is going through a zone of unprecedented turbulence. Its management of the pandemic is strongly criticized. And the votes this Sunday do not restore confidence, on the contrary. The government has recorded two defeats, which is very rare. He was even on the brink of total defeat. The referendum against the free trade agreement with Indonesia was only accepted by 51.6% of voters. A virtual snub for the President of the Confederation Guy Parmelin, hardly luckier than Karin Keller-Sutter who defended the other two objects.

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Since arriving at the Federal Council, the St. Gallen PLR had established itself as one of the leaders of the college and had multiplied its successes. Today is a halt. Regarding the initiative against the full veil, she believed for a long time an impossible success, a more rapid engagement on her part could have turned the wheel. On electronic identity, the result is scathing. The population does not trust either the political power or the economic actors who would have been responsible for setting up this new digital identity.

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The crisis of confidence in institutions is also felt very strongly in Geneva, with the excellent score achieved by Pierre Maudet and his anti-establishment stance.

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These mistrust can be explained by the cacophony around the covid, but also by a widening gap between the Swiss and their rulers, far removed from their concerns. This is blatant about electronic identity, also visible in the case of the free trade agreement with Indonesia, the close result of which shows environmental concern. And also clear in the case of the anti-burqa initiative, since all the formations, except the UDC, were opposed to it. Even if, in this case, the narrowness of the result is rather a pleasant surprise compared to the clear acceptance of the initiative against the minarets in 2009.

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All these doubts must not remain unanswered. Especially since the challenges to come are essential for the future of the country. On June 13, the Swiss will vote on the covid law. If the way out of the crisis is mismanaged, citizens could take revenge at the polls. On the same day, a crucial vote will take place: the revision of the law on CO2. For it to be approved, it is essential that the authorities succeed in restoring the confidence of the population.