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Clé de Rive: it’s time to move forward, with conviction

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For those opposed to the so-called Clé de Rive project, the time is no longer for compromises or concessions. A position assumed yesterday in these same columns by Omar Azzabi, co-president of the Greens City of Geneva, who justifies the rejection of this major achievement, resulting from more than a decade of negotiations, because of the underground car park with 500 spaces intended to compensate for the removed parking spaces surface. A Pavlovian reflex for the left of the political spectrum which perceives the car – even electric – as the embodiment of evil, in the face of good mobility, soft and virtuous.

This Manichean dialectic systematically sweeps away multimodality and pluralism that are characteristic of urban environments. This is particularly ironic when we know that the famous car park will be fully adapted to electromobility and will serve as a platform for car sharing and self-service bicycles.

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