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City centers, victims of the second semi-containment

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Blinds lowered, closed panels affixed to the doors of shops, streets almost deserted. From January 18 to March 1 of this year, Switzerland went through its second semi-confinement. A period marked by a strong incentive to telework and the closure of all sales areas deemed non-essential. Restaurants, for their part, have been subject to an even stricter regime for a year.

The invoice for the trade is now evaluated thanks to the readings produced by the universities of Lausanne and St. Gallen, delivered to Time Friday. The note is particularly salty in the heart of large Swiss cities. According to information betrayed by card readers and cell phones, spending there fell by 32% during the six weeks of closure compared to the same period last year. From mid-January, digital payments fell from 400 million francs to 250 million francs. A level that will change little during the following weeks.

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