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Circulation (s) celebrates young photography online

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Lovers of Centquatre-Paris will be disappointed. These former Parisian funeral directors’ halls, which have become a thrilling place for creativity and exchanges, will remain closed to the public as long as the covid and the government have decided so. But the Circulation (s) festival has opened its doors well, even if the 11th edition of this meeting dedicated to young European photography is being held online, to start in any case. A multitude of events await fans.

A virtual visit of the place allows to approach the 29 projects all the same hung and concocted by 33 artists of 12 nationalities, with a focus on Portugal. Among the pretty surprises – there are always some at Circulation (s) – the series It is not recommended to swim in a lake during a thunderstorm, by Anne-Sophie Auclerc, shows the ecstasy mixed with fear of people who have just bungy jumping. Jesper Boot, for his part, stages his family members as if they were politicians; they are crying out for the truth as the images showing the powerful are codified and immediately recognizable. But knowing that they are fictitious leads to questioning about politics, its game of actors and its emptiness. The decorations of the World Economic Forum and the White House pinned in the family living room make you smile and reflect at the same time.

Extraterrestrial travels

A woman’s body scribbled with colorful lines. Legs encircled by small hands. Through some photographs, the series Do not look at me, by Karolina Cwik, evokes this woman’s body which no longer quite belongs to itself when it gives birth, this fine line between accomplishment and sacrifice. Graduates of the HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design de Genève), Joanne Joho and Thomas Lopes imagined the flyers of a dystopian travel agency offering trips to extraterrestrial planets, where resources and landscapes do not have not yet been damaged. The images of their series All inclusive were made in the Alps and the Jura, professing that these treasures could become a rare and exotic commodity. On the menu again, Beninese appearances, a report in Iraq or prints developed with water from a polluted river.

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Plethora of events have been designed to compensate – a little – for the impossibility of physical meetings at the Centquatre-Paris. Every Wednesday at 6 p.m., Circulation (s) is planning an online meeting on a theme with artists and specialists in the subject. And every Thursday at 9 p.m., in collaboration with the label InFiné, the festival’s artists share their playlist. For young audiences, again on Wednesday, the works of the festival are presented in a fun way, with games and activities allowing them to discover photography. On the weekend of April 11 and 12, portfolios readings – for a fee – are organized upon registration. Finally, on April 17 and 18, several surprise live events are scheduled. The good news is that everyone can enjoy it… including Switzerland!

Circulation (s), until May 2 online, and as soon as possible at Centquatre-Paris.

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