Christoph Kamber, President of Expo Event: “Without turnover, you just have to shut down”

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Dozens of chairs waiting for spectators. Cathedral silence reigns in the Rapperswil Eventhouse, which usually accommodates up to 600 people for shows, conventions and other business events. In the midst of this silence, Christoph Kamber, President of Expo Event Swiss LiveCom. The umbrella organization has assumed for a few months the role of standard bearer of the demands of the Swiss events sector by uniting behind it fifteen other professional associations spread across the whole country.

According to a survey published on March 8 by Expo Event, more than 17,000 event projects were canceled in 2020. The turnover of the branch fell by 57%, to 3.2 billion francs, for a shortfall to gain added value (tourism, hotels, gastronomy, suppliers, etc.) estimated at 10 billion. Two hundred and twenty companies have ceased or reoriented their activities, and 4460 jobs have been lost, which in both cases corresponds to a drop of around 20%.