Christian Levrat’s withdrawal reshuffles the cards in Friborg

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As the lottery crier that he is, the president of the Friborg PLR Sébastien Dorthe is not mistaken: “Today, it’s a blow of the bag!” The withdrawal of Christian Levrat from the race for the Council of State, following his appointment as President of the Post Office, took the political world of his canton by surprise. The surprise is total as it seemed obvious to all that the socialist Gruérien would join the Freiburg government during the cantonal elections next November. So much so that many of them contacted the authorities of his party to make sure that it was not an April Fool’s Day.

“This announcement is proof that in an electoral campaign anything can happen all the time,” reacts hotly Mirjam Ballmer, the co-president of the Greens of Freiburg. Faced with this surprise, the ecologist does not want to go too far on the consequences of the non-candidacy of Christian Levrat. “The only certainty is that we will have to quickly discuss strategy with our partners in the left alliance, because this fall we will have to manage the cantonal elections and a complementary one for the Council of States.”