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Chinese company claims 7 million francs from the Grand Théâtre de Genève

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The Opéra des Nations had allowed the Grand Théâtre de Genève (GTG), for three seasons, to present lyrical shows despite the renovation work of its headquarters in Place Neuve. Will this temporary wooden structure become a burden at 7 million francs for the cultural institution? This is the amount claimed by a Chinese company which, in the fall of 2020, filed a civil complaint with the Geneva courts for damages, has learned The weather. Wu Production claims that the wooden arena that it bought from the Genevans is no longer in a condition to be exploited. It is currently in Germany, in spare parts.

Zoom out. In 2012, the Comédie-Française in Paris embarked on major work. His productions find refuge in a wooden theater built for the occasion. Three years later, the GTG knows the same situation. A private foundation will finance the move of the structure from Paris to Geneva and its adaptation to the needs of the lyric art for 11.25 million francs. In February 2015, work began on a plot in the Rigot countryside. They will last a year, for an inauguration in February 2016. The 1000-seat room, with exceptional acoustics, will delight bel canto fans. Voices will be raised to perpetuate the presence of the Opéra des Nations in the canton. In vain. It was a Chinese buyer, active in the organization of shows between the Middle Kingdom and Europe, who won the bid, for a sum kept secret. “The Chinese offer was the only one to have been articulated in a precise and solid way”, will say to the Geneva Tribune Lorella Bertani, President of the Foundation Board of the Grand Théâtre. The lawyer then drafted the sales contract, with her colleague Luc Argand, president of the Cercle des Amis du Grand Théâtre.

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