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China pays its contributions to the UN and sets itself an example

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China announced in a statement on Tuesday that it had paid its full contribution to the UN for 2021, both to the operating budget and to peace operations. “Beforehand (February 28), Beijing had settled its arrears for seven peace operations,” said a statement from the Chinese mission to the UN. It was not possible to know how much exactly Beijing had paid to the UN.

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As the “second largest contributor to the UN operating budget and to that of peacekeeping, China has always actively supported the work of the United Nations, firmly safeguarded the international system and supported multilateralism through concrete actions”, adds the press release.

China, the second largest financial contributor

The United States, which under the Joe Biden administration promised to re-engage in multilateralism, is the largest financial contributor to the UN and has arrears of around $ 1.3 billion ($ 1 billion euros) including 700 million (585.5 million euros) for the current year and the remainder over previous years, according to the Organization.

The UN’s annual operating budget is approximately $ 3.2 billion (€ 2.68 billion). That of peace operations, separated, reached some 6.5 billion dollars (5.44 billion euros). The United States contributes 22% to the operating budget, and in principle nearly 28% to the budget of peace operations. In 2017, former President Donald Trump decided to reduce this last percentage to 25%, increasing American debts to the UN.

Beijing became the second largest financial contributor in 2016 to UN peace operations and in 2019 to the operating budget, ahead of Japan. “China has fulfilled its financial obligations in full, on time and unconditionally in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, which demonstrates the role it plays as a large responsible country,” said the statement from the Chinese mission, as a implicit incentive to other great nations, and especially the United States, to do the same.

China defends deadlines

The text recalls that the UN is facing a liquidity crisis, accentuated by the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which “seriously affects its work and the implementation of its mandates”.

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“Member States must fulfill their legal obligations, actively respond to the Secretary General’s appeal and pay all contributions as soon as possible to improve the United Nations’ liquidity situation,” the Chinese statement insisted.

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