UFO dives into ocean in new US Navy footage

[ad_1] US director Jeremy Corbell recently shared footage of a UFO plunging into the ocean off San Diego, California. The Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of these images, which are currently under review. Filmed by an infrared camera, an unidentified spherical flying object (UFO) hovers in the air, appears to move rapidly from left to […]

passengers soon to be weighed before boarding the plane

[ad_1] Across the Atlantic, airlines should soon start weighing their passengers before boarding. This measure has a very specific goal, namely to redefine the average weight of American citizens. It turns out that the current values ​​would no longer be very reliable and this is important for flight safety. An astonishing measure, but a useful […]

Virtual reality alters our perception of time

[ad_1] A recent US study highlighted an effect especially inherent in virtual reality. In immersion, the perception of time is slower than in reality. However, this time compression could find positive applications in the medical field. A game available in two versions Virtual reality users know it well: it is not uncommon to lose all […]

The surface of the Greenlandic cap is darkening at an alarming rate

[ad_1] While the Greenlandic ice sheet has warmed by nearly 3 ° C since 1982, its albedo has continuously declined. Thus, ice reflects solar radiation less efficiently, which further increases the speed of its decline. Recent work associates this darkening with a seemingly anecdotal property: the shape of the snowflakes deposited on the cap. TheAlbedo […]

These researchers can generate real holograms!

[ad_1] Very often, researchers behind technological innovations are fans of Science-Fiction. Some even make it a point of honor to realize the visions of writers and other filmmakers. Recently, researchers in the United States have developed a holographic screen similar to the one displaying Princess Leia in Star Wars. They were thus able to reproduce […]

Tardigrades can survive a shot (to a point)

[ad_1] A laboratory experiment suggests that tardigrades, known for their extreme ruggedness, would struggle to survive an asteroid impact on Earth. This study, which has some limitations, directly echoes the theory of panspermia which suggests that terrestrial organisms are the result of extraterrestrial “contamination”. The tardigrades, very resistant creatures Tardigrades are often considered the hardiest […]

Moderna vaccine “powerfully effective” in 12-17 year olds

[ad_1] Moderna said on Tuesday that her Sars-CoV-2 vaccine was “powerfully effective” in 12 to 17 year olds. In a clinical trial, the company did not identify any cases of symptomatic Covid-19 in participants who received their two doses. A 100% effective vaccine Moderna’s results, announced by the company in a communicated, are based on […]

SpaceX will send a “firefly” to the moon in 2023

[ad_1] Firelfly Aerospace has chosen SpaceX to launch its Blue Ghost lander to the Moon in 2023. On site, the vehicle will unload around ten payloads on behalf of NASA. Last February, NASA set its sights on Firefly Aerospace to deliver a set of ten payloads research on the Moon in 2023 as part of […]

In 1952, a book predicted that an “Elon” would one day rule on Mars.

[ad_1] In a book published in 1952, Wernher von Braun, a former engineer under the Nazi regime and considered one of the main architects of the American space conquest, had imagined the presence of an “Elon” reigning over the human colonies on Mars. In a funny way, we can’t help but turn to the boss […]

biodiversity will need millions of years to recover

[ad_1] The current rate of decline of biodiversity in freshwater ecosystems exceeds the rate of extinction experienced at the end of the Cretaceous. Nature in these environments will also need millions of years to recover, a study warns. Three years ago, the IUCN Red List – which accurately assesses the global inventory of the conservation […]