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Carl-Alex Ridoré is already in the Levrat estate

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Hardly the holding of a complementary election to replace Christian Levrat in the Council of States was announced, that a first candidate comes out of wood. This is the prefect of Sarine Carl-Alex Ridoré. The socialist will give up the prefecture if he is chosen by his party.

“I started thinking about a possible candidacy for the Council of States a few months ago. However, with the appointment of Christian Levrat as president of La Poste, decisions must be taken much faster than I had imagined, ”explains the magistrate in an interview published on Saturday. in Freedom (paying).

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The terrain map

To justify his choice, he explains that if he has experience in the field as a prefect, he notes that “some answers are for researcher at the federal level”. He also notes the importance of the relationship between the generations and the challenge of having to “give a future to our youth”.

The election for the Prefecture of Sarine will take place on November 7. Carl-Alex Ridoré assures him: “If I have the confidence of my party to run for the Council of States, I will not run for the prefecture”.

A risk for the Friborg PS

Asked about the fact that it is a risky bet because the left remains in the minority in the canton of Friborg, the Villarois replies that he is aware of it but that it is in his temperament and his experience as prefect. ‘dare to make difficult decisions’. “It is for me to take my responsibilities”, he adds.

The date of the election has yet to be set by the Council of State but will a priori be September 26 or November 7.

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