can these hyperbaric chambers treat wrinkles?

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The use of the hyperbaric chamber is very common, especially in the field of scuba diving to prevent decompression sickness. Having gradually integrated the world of medicine, oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber is also offered by some private clinics across the Atlantic for the treatment of wrinkles.

From scuba diving to medicine

From the second half of the 19th century, the use of hyperbaric chamber made its appearance in the field of scuba diving. It must be said that the divers encountered serious problems. As a result of the rapid descents and ascents, their bodies were plagued by adverse effects of pressure changes. In this kind of case, a decompression sickness (or decompression sickness) can occur, causing gas bubbles to form in the body. The symptoms are as follows: momentary hearing loss, dizziness, pain in the joints, paresthesia, amnesia, loss of consciousness, dyspnea, etc.

Thanks to increased pressure inside, the hyperbaric chamber prevents decompression sickness. This allows a smooth transition via a reduction in the volume of gas bubbles. By the way, let’s mention the fact that divers are not the only ones affected by this kind of problem. This is also the case for airmen at altitude, astronauts after a spacewalk or even people who have worked in compressed air chambers.

As theScience-Press Agency in an article from March 1, 2021, this type of caisson has gradually found use in medicine. It is a question of oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber, characterized by the presence of oxygen up to 100% against about 21% in ambient air.

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Clinics to be avoided at all costs

Over time, advances have enabled doctors to understand that a high level of oxygen can facilitate healing after surgery. Indeed, this therapy accelerates the formation of new blood vessels, but also molecules playing a role in tissue healing. Across the Atlantic, private clinics offer oxygen therapy in hyperbaric chambers for a any other kind of treatment : reduction of wrinkles.

You must know that the Health Canada agency has listed 14 medical conditions that can benefit from this method. Now, the treatment of wrinkles is absolutely not one of them. In addition, the clinics in question – offering sessions of one to two hours – do not communicate on the mechanisms supposedly at work in the reduction of wrinkles. This is a miracle method like there are others (ex: anti-wrinkle cream), in any case in the absence of scientific studies proving its positive effects.

Finally, enter a hyperbaric chamber as part of oxygen therapy is not without risk. The Science-Press Agency referred to work integrating animals that ultimately had burnt skin, ear trauma on average in 2% of human patients as well as death due to fire. It must be said that a high level of oxygen can be synonymous with a fatal outcome if a simple spark occurs.

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