By vaccinating in all directions, the United Kingdom draws its “road to freedom”

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The UK has one of the worst pandemic records in the world. With 123,000 deaths in total, or 184 per 100,000 inhabitants, it records a mortality rate one and a half times higher than in Switzerland. Delayed confinements and the spread of the more contagious English variant have taken their toll.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson can brag about his vaccination campaign. As of March 1, 20.5 million Britons have received a first dose of the vaccine and 0.8 million have received two. Even former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is not kind to his successor, hails “this great success” in an interview with a group of European newspapers including Time. Now, all people over 70, those with chronic illnesses requiring isolation, hospital staff and nursing home residents have been vaccinated for the first time.