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But why does VLC want to ship a fake construction cone to the Moon?

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Launched in 2001, the VLC multimedia player wants to celebrate its twentieth anniversary in an original way. Project officials plan to send a false construction cone to the moon. This will contain many classics of cinema as well as videos of Internet users.

A successful odyssey

VLC media player (VLC) is a free and open media player launched in February 2001. From the VideoLAN project, this player included around 400 million users in 2019. It must be said that VLC has many strengths, including its distribution on nearly twenty platforms. Above all, he can play many audio and video formats and perform file conversions. In a Twitter post on February 2, 2001, the project managers shared photos from the days of the popular software development.

Credits: VideoLAN / Twitter

In particular, it was a reminder that VLC, born at the École Centrale Paris – today CentraleSupélec – would never have been so successful without having taken the free software niche. Indeed, VLC is under General Public License (GNU). In addition to the desire to return to this odyssey, those responsible for the project have declared that they want to go much further. In a second tweet of February 8, 2021, they have announced that they want send a construction cone to the moon.

Thousands of user films and videos

Obviously, there is no question of a real plastic construction cone. Rather, it will be a kind of showcase integrating a time capsule project. The cone-shaped case made of aluminum will contain several 1TB microSD cards, on which will be stored videos of all kinds. VLC notably evoked a thousand classics of cinema, including The journey to the moon (1902) by Georges Méliès.

In addition, Internet users are also invited to participate. Anyone can upload a video of maximum size of 100MB, or about twenty seconds in HD. VLC has set a deadline for participation, namely February 20, 2021. In addition, do not delay too much because places will be limited. Another fact, VLC pointed out that there would be no moderation regarding videos. This looks like a door open to all abuses, but also to a bias assumed by those in charge. In any case, VLC encourages Internet users to leave a video message to future lunar explorers.

VLC hasn’t announced a schedule, so no one really knows when the pod will be opened. In all cases, this kind of object is based on the principle of long conservation. Maybe the capsule will resurface on another VLC anniversary date? No one can tell. Anyway, one thing is certain: this same capsule will integrate the NASA’s Peregrine mission end of 2021!


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