Bruno Latour: “The virus has not arrived here. We are at his place ”

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Listen up. Like chalk on a blackboard, the word “crisis” has been creaking for months, but the “common sense philosopher” Bruno Latour hears something else: the creaking cogs of a mutation. Maybe even a metamorphosis. From the anxiety-inducing background noise, the unclassifiable septuagenarian composed Where am I? (Ed. La Découverte), a tale in which you are the hero, as adults rarely read.

The rock star of the debate of ideas on the other side of the Atlantic who later became one of the masters of thinking of a “climate generation” has devoted his life to the study of the modes of elaboration of the truth to better put us, as than society, in the face of our collective denials. Under the burgundy silk scarf and the wise woolen cardigan, he is a revolutionary who redraws the contours of the planet and our post-pandemic lives, between two sips in his porcelain cup. After Where to land? his bestselling book, published in 2017, here is an invitation to keep our feet on the ground and look up to the moon, “the last show we have left”.