Bruno David: “A new pandemic in ten or twenty years is very likely”

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The president of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris has not stopped marveling. Bruno David speaks to us on the phone in front of a plane tree planted by the naturalist Buffon in 1785. “He is 235 years old and he is magnificent. He didn’t grow to be handsome. But my brain secretes some endorphins when I see it and that makes me want to protect it. ” His latest book, At the dawn of the 6th extinction, makes the following observation: we are at the beginning of a new mass extinction of biodiversity, this is causing many concrete problems and the pandemic we are encountering is an edifying example. However, it is not too late to act.

Le Temps: The issue of the “sixth extinction” is not new. How does your outlook differ from what has already been said on the subject?