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Birth rate, the other side of the pandemic

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After the vaccine crisis and the economic earthquake caused by the pandemic, it’s time for the demographic crisis. While the European Commission must already respond to the criticisms of the 27 EU member countries on the continent’s insufficient supply of vaccines, and on the amount now deemed too low of its 750 billion euros stimulus plan, another challenge looms: that of low birth rates.

Posted in June 2020, and updated after a year of pandemic and containment, the report on the impact of demographic changes produced from the figures Eurostat confirms that the birth rates are almost all at half mast on the continent. “With the dynamics engaged, the image becomes very clear: that of a Europe which already needs coffins more than cradles. This trend, based on strong inertias, can be slowed down but difficult to counteract, ”notes the French academic Julien Damon in an analysis published by the Telos agency. A finding confirmed by an Austrian-German study from the University of Vienna and the Max-Planck Institute: according to this, the birth rate plunged on average in 34 European countries studied by 3% in October 2020, 5 % in November and 8.2% in December.

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