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Biosimilar drugs, a great potential for savings

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Last year, we could have saved 100 million francs by using more biosimilar drugs. This is what reveals a study commissioned by the association of sickness funds Curafutura and by the umbrella organizations Intergenerika and In question, bad incentives that would be to remove as quickly as possible in the distribution. This publication comes as the Health Commission of the Council of States is preparing to start its work on the Federal Council reform project in favor of a reference price for medicines.

Expensive treatments

In 2020, drug spending continued to increase. They amounted to 7.3 billion at the expense of basic insurance, an increase of 4% equivalent to 300 million. However, nearly three quarters of this increase is due to treatments for cancerous and autoimmune diseases, for which we know that the bill fluctuates between 15,000 and 25,000 francs on average per patient per year. This is where increased use of biosimilars would help curb rising health care costs.

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