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Biden’s 2 trillion plan to rebuild America

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“Build Back Better”. Three slamming words to sum up Joe Biden’s ambition. Its plan, presented on Wednesday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, plans to invest $ 2 trillion in infrastructure over eight years, while signaling its intention to fight climate change. The main measures? Repair nearly 10,000 bridges, modernize 32,000 kilometers of roads, install electrical terminals across the country, transform nearly 20% of school buses into electric buses or even break with the dilapidated state of certain airports.

Difficult debates in Congress

The Democratic president thinks big. “This is the biggest American investment in jobs since World War II,” he insisted, in front of a row of American flags, detailing the first phase of his program. Since most of the infrastructures date from the 1950s, the urgency is felt. They inherited the C rating from the American Society of Civil Engineers, CNN recalls.

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