Bex drama: the prosecutor asks for the acquittal of the policeman

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A prosecution which requests the acquittal of the accused. This is the rare scenario that played out this Wednesday on the second day of the trial of the police officer who shot dead a 27-year-old Congolese in 2016 during an intervention in Bex. “All the elements of self-defense are there,” said prosecutor Eric Mermoud from the start, at the start of the day, which raised the tension a notch. Even if, like the day before, the debates revolved around the crucial question of whether the 53-year-old non-commissioned officer had acted with proportionality by shooting three times at this young man who was attacking him with a knife. A face-to-face as fast as it was fatal having lasted, according to the experts, only 2.3 seconds in all and for all.

For the prosecution, the answer to this question is therefore clear. Before the criminal court of the District Court of Eastern Vaud, relocated for the occasion to the cantonal hall of Renens, Eric Mermoud announced that he was dropping the charges against the police officer, who was being prosecuted for murder, one count punishable by a minimum of 5 years in prison. “The attack was immediate, ongoing and serious,” explained Eric Mermoud. The accused was justified in believing that his physical integrity, even his life, was threatened ”.