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Bex drama: “The firearm was the only effective means”

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There was emotion at the end of the trial of the 53-year-old Chablais non-commissioned officer who shot dead Hervé, a 27-year-old Congolese, during an intervention in 2016 in Bex. This Wednesday morning, the sergeant was acquitted by the Criminal Court of the District Court of Eastern Vaud, which ruled that the defendant had acted in self-defense and released him from the murder charge. A verdict which angered those close to Hervé. “You have his death on your conscience, you will never be quiet,” thus launched the companion of the deceased to the police officer, when the latter was about to leave the courtroom.

A few minutes earlier, Anne-Catherine Page, the president of the tribunal, who sat for the occasion in the cantonal hall of Renens, had made empathetic remarks to the family of the young Congolese: “This judgment does not imply that your son be a villain. He is not a delinquent. It is a conjunction between his psychic state at that time and the circumstances of the intervention which led to this tragedy. ” In the end, the judges rallied to the indictment of the public prosecutor who, a week earlier, had decided to drop the charges against the police officer.

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